Becoming queer and body positive

Developing right up around australia in a time when fad diets and homophobia were all the rage, in my situation, the 90’s and very early 00’s meant fad diets and sneaking off to Sydney to manufacture on with girls about week-end. We hid my sex and pushed myself for connections with males to appease community, I continued every diet plan imaginable in an attempt to match what diet society had certain united states ended up being the ‘ideal human anatomy’.

I hated my self for a beneficial portion of my personal teenagers and very early 20s. We slipped into and of depression, anxiousness and eating disorder spirals, all because I became trying to change myself personally to ensure We healthy somebody else’s perfect.

2-3 weeks back, I found myself expected in an interview: “As a pleased fat lesbian, do you realy genuinely believe that your system positivity, sex and as a result your gender phrase tend to be intrinsically linked?” I hadn’t really thought about this link.


n my brain, sex being excess fat have actually plenty of similarities: both are facets of a person that are significantly outside their particular control, capable often be linked with a-deep feeling of embarrassment and self-loathing and they are both individual qualities that society views as actually their unique company if it features nothing regarding anyone. (Thanks, community.)

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Getting gay in Australia was not fun; enduring the battle for wedding equality together with sheer torture that was the
postal vote
ended up being an actual emphasize. Inspite of the undercurrent of homophobia existing throughout Australian Continent, I managed to discover my plumped for family, and through all of them and thinking of moving Melbourne, I became and out and pleased lesbian. Why would not we end up being proud? I happened to be born in this manner.

I became born fat as well, but society has not trapped with that one however.


n taking into consideration the concern from my meeting, we realized my sex expression will be the vital back link between my sex and my own body positivity.

If you were going to mark me, i’m a femme, and for quite a few years We clung to this tag. Fitting into a heteronormative ‘femme’ part made becoming homosexual much more palatable and my personal would you like to adjust was actually shown by my personal clothes. To try to go with the femme part, We wore only rockabilly dresses, comprise and pumps for a good couple of years.

We baked, We cleaned, We amused, I became a Stepford spouse on steroid drugs. On the exterior, I became just what actually society thought a feminine lesbian need. I happened to be also unhappy and that I disliked my human body, but you could not truly note that. I hid my personal moves under petticoats, my personal self-consciousness under layers of beauty products and my must be adored by others distracted me personally through the simple fact that I didn’t love myself.

I found myself extremely girly, extremely gay and awesome screwing unhappy.

My own body positivity quest began about 1 . 5 years back, even after I accepted my sexuality, because whilst itisn’ much longer socially appropriate to discriminate against some body due to their sex, if they’re fat… do it now. They performed this to on their own, they may be harmful, you have to save all of them from on their own, getting fat is a variety!

Begin to see the paradox?

Living in Melbourne, where self-expression is encouraged and gender fluidity into the queer neighborhood is starting to become the norm, I have discovered a new discovered feeling of home. While i will be a cisgender lesbian, I grab a great deal motivation from my non-binary siblings because they stay their particular everyday lives because their genuine selves, unashamed and uninhibited. The likes of
Ruby Allegra
A Bear Named Troy
offer myself existence and all of the determination I want to accept every facet of my personal sex appearance.

I am now at a place during my existence where We state “fuck culture” – i enjoy my body system and I also’ll wear the things I like. This can be a concept that many men and women select hard to understand, and quite often, offensive.

You’re a size 18 and you are not dieting? Hold off, exactly what?

That is correct, bitch.

I enjoy myself just the way i will be, and this also newly found self-love has actually assisted myself accept my sex phrase entirely. I am nonetheless elegant. I adore using makeup and dressing, but at the same time, I don’t feel the fat of community pushing us to check a certain way.

We wear jeans in public, I leave the house without make-up on and I also openly and unabashedly embrace my stronger more ‘masculine’ attributes. I’m not demure, I’m not dainty, I’m powerful, literally, emotionally and mentally. I account for area and I will likely not apologise for that.


ustralia still is decades behind the likes of The united states as well as the British with regards to human body positivity, excess fat activism, and LGBTIQ legal rights. However, i have already been lucky enough to have both surrounded me with a plumped for family members just who love and support me, and found it deep in my thick and delicious upper thighs to love myself personally when it comes to fat lesbian that i’m, despite society continuously informing me personally that the two components of my self that we keep many precious tend to be unnatural and generally generate me the devil.

Sexuality and body-positivity are only truly intertwined in the same way that, if you hear society, you’ll begin to believe there’s something completely wrong with you, when actually, you are perfect simply the way you may be.

The reason why hide the light as soon as you happened to be created to shine?

Lacey-Jade Christie relies in Melbourne, Australian Continent and it is the host of the Australian Body Positivity Podcast The Fat Collective.